Bankpips Academy Presents: Path To Profits – How To Become An Forex Super Trader.

What is an “FX Super Trader”?

An FX Super Trader:

A typical Retail Trader:

  • Has a complete understanding of the Foreign Exchange market.
  • Understands how other major asset classes impact the direction of currencies.
  • Thinks and speaks in probabilistic terms.
  • Understands what factors drive each major currency.
  • Has a solid understanding of economic fundamentals.
  • Has a well thought out plan for his/her Forex trading business.
  • Has a personalized trade plan that he/she follows religiously.
  • Has a well defined technical trading edge.
  • Has complete control over his/her emotions and actions.
  • Know when to trade and when not to trade.
  • Practices impeccable risk management and capital preservation.
  • Can stand on his/her own with confidence.
  • Embraces chaos and attacks challenges.
  • Always asks how.
  • Plans for Success.
  • Makes commitments.
  • Is consistently profitable.
  • Has basic understanding of the FX market with many misconceptions.
  • Has little knowledge of outside asset classes, focus remains mainly on smaller time frame Forex charts.
  • Focuses on being right and wrong regarding trades.
  • Treats all currencies the same with same technical approach.
  • Attempts to trade data events using very risky strategies.
  • Opens a broker account and starts trading without and real structure.
  • Copied trade plan built by someone else, rarely follows to the letter.
  • Changes strategies often, searches for perfection.
  • Constant emotional ups and downs.
  • Over trades and tries to force his/her will on the market.
  • Has poor risk management and uses dangerous leverage.
  • Relies on other trader’s/analyst’s opinions, very little confidence.
  • Acknowledges chaos and copes with challenges.
  • Always asks why.
  • Hopes for the best.
  • Makes promises.
  • Fails to make money consistently 90%-95% of the time.

While planning Path to Profits: How To Become an Forex Super Trader, our goal was to make it the best Forex training course on the market. A successful trading career starts with education. This means that your very first investment decision is the education you choose to invest in. We understand that there are thousands of trading courses and education services for developing traders to choose from. With this in mind, we had a shortlist of traders that we were willing to reach out to and bring on board to deliver the best trading education course possible. We got our first choice. Chris was at the top of our list due to his institutional trading background, trader coaching experience, extensive knowledge of the financial markets, and often mind-blowing predictive analysis. We asked Chris to head up our program and produce an institutional level course that embodied his entire 18-year trading career, and he delivered.

What you will learn in this course:

  • An Overview of the Financial Markets
  • Market Theories
  • The Institutional Model
  • What It’s Like to Trade Inside a Bank
  • The Market Framework
  • The Nature of the Market
  • Price Delivery In FX
  • The Dynamics of Price Action
  • Understanding Liquidity
  • Macro & Micro Fundamentals
  • Central Banks & Monetary Policy
  • How to Apply Inter-Market Analysis
  • Understanding Market Positioning
  • A Trader State of Mind (Psychology)
  • Risk Management & How to Build A Risk Model
  • Technical Analysis That Matters
  • Multiple Trading Strategies
  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • Divergence Trading
  • and more…….

Course Content

Lessons Status

Course Introduction


Reality Check


Overview Of The Financial Markets


The Professional Bank Trader Model


Banks and Trading


Understanding Liquidity


Market Structure


Trading Principles To Live By


Risk Model


Types of Market Analysis


The Fundamentals


Overview Of Inter-Market Analysis


Technical Analysis Overview


Technical Analysis Tools


A Break Down of The Major Currencies


Understanding The Wave Principle


Tools That Every Trader Needs

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